Protei’s Intelligent Service Delivery Platform empowers Korek Network

Protei’s Intelligent Service Delivery Platform Empowers Korek Network

Powered by Protei, the leading Telecom Solutions provider for a wide variety of solutions, Korek recently launched Protei’s SDP. PROTEI Service Builder is a comprehensive platform that was designed to make operators life easier when there is a need for any new service. The platform is equipped with a very convenient WEB Interface to allow system administrator to manage different type of services through WEB, at the same time PROTEI Service Builder can be equipped with different PROTEI subsystems (frontends) to allow operators adopting different type of services based on different protocols ex. MAP, CAP, INAP, DIAMETER, etc. at the same time different frontends maybe used to trigger some external nodes like charging property protocols SCAP, RTBP, SMS+, or others like CS1+, CAI, UCIP, ACIP, etc. It’s worth mentioning that PROTEI serves more than 400 renowned customers in over 35 countries to cater +300 million subscribers worldwide. PROTEI employs more than 450 highly skilled professionals of whom approximately 70% are involved in research and development. PROTEI specializes in creating solutions that take full advantage of the most advanced available technologies, designed in-house with strict quality control based on ISO 9001:2001 and ISO 14001:2004, rigorous testing for stability and reliability with the maximum compatibility with all our existing product range.

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