Smart/Safe City

Smart/Safe City

  • Creating full smart city ecosystem
  • Identifying potential vulnerabilities and threats, prediction threats

System overview

The Smart/Safe integrated information system and information exchange bus for emergency response unit is a turn-key solution to address public safety, law and environmental protection at municipal, regional and country-wide levels. 

The solution includes the following main subsystems and modules

  • Unified information system for emergency response unit allowing receiving, tracking and management of emergency tickets from the variety of systems (112/911, ecological monitoring, CCTV/video analytic system etc)
  • Information exchange bus
  • Decision support subsystem
  • Emergency analytic/emergency forecasting system

PROTEI Smart/Safe city solution is intended for creating advanced smart city ecosystem, identifying potential vulnerabilities and threats, identifying and prediction of current and potential threats related to public safety of the municipality/city/province threats, optimization of the coordination between all participants during handling/elimination of emergencies, enabling communications between participants of all existing public safety initiatives through the unified bus. 

Key Benefits

  • Complete solution with wide and proven functionality
  • Customizable APIs for easy integration with external systems (public warning alert, ecological monitoring etc.)
  • Easy adaptation to needs of specific public safety services and business processes already used by safe city stakeholders
  • Powerful analytic and forecasting tools for emergency response services optimization based on big data analysis and mathematical models.
  • Full integration with the existing systems
  • Highly flexible, scalable platform

Public Warning Alert

  • Contemporary public alert simultaneously by multiple channels
  • Innovative alert technologies with high efficiency

System overview

PROTEI Public Warning Alert system is intended to enable alerts to be aggregated over a network and distributed to the appropriate system for public dissemination. It delivers emergency alerts to the civilian population and to regional emergency services officials through municipal, local and site-based automatic warning systems using different delivery channels.

The system may be deployed as a new component or for modernization of the existing emergency alert systems. It allows to build/upgrade public warning alert systems at all levels to use up-to-date hardware and software technologies and communication channels and connecting all existing alert systems to the single management platform. Public Warning Alert system can help to minimize public warning alert delivery time and optimizing delivering efficiency for any and all individuals located in the affected area by using different alert channels and centralized management system.

Key Benefits 

  • Easy integration with external monitoring systems for automatic or automated triggering of emergency alert broadcast
  • Use of Cell Broadcast, SMS, payphone, intercom, digital billboards and other modern communication (alert delivery) channels
  • Outdoor and indoor terminal units for acoustic/speech alerts delivery
  • Fast, easy and flexible deployment
  • Integrated GIS for fast and convenient definition of geographic areas for localized emergency alerts.

Enterprise Unified Communications System

  • Effective solution for digital transformation challenges
  • Full control over industrial safety level


Enterprise UC system is a unique solution designed for increasing the industrial safety level and reliable control over all industrial facilities. The system integrates all automated business systems and monitoring systems within a unified management platform for structuring of data exchanges and accelerating all business processes. As a result, the existing scattered infrastructure is successfully transformed into innovation corporate ecosystem.

This is an important step towards a comprehensive digital transformation, and therefore to achieving maximum corporate performance. The system can be easily adapted to requirements of specific corporate services and business processes already used.

Key Benefits 

  • Innovative solution with wide and proven functionality
  • Monitoring of the situation at all corporate levels
  • Comprehensive control over production processes
  • Role-based access policy
  • Full security and confidentiality guarantees
  • Modular structure
  • Maximum use of existing infrastructure
  • Extensive integration and analysis capabilities
  • Maintaining extensive statistics and reporting tools

Cell Broadcast Center

  • Convenient tool for distribution geographically dependent information
  • Provision of standard and interactive broadcast services

System overview

Cell Broadcast is a one-to-many geographically focused messaging service. PROTEI Cell Broadcast center helps Operators and service providers to distribute geographically dependent information directly to subscribers’ handsets across the networks using GSM/LTE Cell Broadcast technology. The System supports open JSON-based interface for content-providers and other services managing broadcast campaigns. Broadcasting will be addressed to all subscribers in the particular geographical segment of Operator’s network (set of Cell ID, set of LAC, TAC etc) as determined in the system configuration for particular information channel. 3GPP interfaces are supported for interaction with BSC (TS 48.049), RNC(TS 25.419) and eNodeB (TS 29.168). 

Service architecture and commands are implemented in strict accordance with 3GPP 23.041 with extensions defined in ETSI TS 102 900 that allows to use the system not only for technology or marketing broadcasts but also as a part of public warning alert systems being such concept deployed in the particular country. System may be integrated with PROTEI xVLR solution to enable maximum flexibility and variety of broadcasting channels.

Key Benefits

  • Messages can be saved until broadcast
  • Scheduled message sending
  • Integration with external content providers via SMPP
  • Standard interface
  • Network architecture with load balancing
  • User-friendly administration
  • Alarm reports
  • Flexible system configuration

112/911 - Emergency Services Response System

  • All-inclusive solution for the emergency services
  • Proven track record solution, 30+ turn-key deployments

System overview

The system provides a single point of contact for emergency calls, coupled to a unified emergency response coordination and monitoring system.

PROTEI Emergency Services Response System is intended for handling all calls addressed to the universal emergency number by the contact center and conveying incident reports to dispatch centers of proper emergency services / emergency response units. It is also effective tool for monitoring (tracking) of incidents handling with the possibility to take over the control of incidents handling for complicated emergencies, assisting emergency response units in coordination during incidents handling and reporting to governmental authorities. PROTEI solution is intended for consolidating data from strategically important sources into a single system, gathering and analyzing statistical data on all emergencies.

Key Benefits

  • Full automation of emergency agents’ working process
  • Specialization and adaptation to specific terms
  • Easy integration with the GIS, external applications and data bases
  • Pre-integrated subsystem for forces and assets management and API for integration with external systems 
  • Powerful statistics collection and reports generation tools
  • API for integration with mobile and fixed operators and eCall solutions