VAS Aggregation

What is VAS?

Value Added Services commonly known as VAS refers to services facilitating users with capabilities beyond standard voice calls. These services are generally offered by mobile network providers or by third-party VAS vendors. On a conceptual level these services basically add value to the standard service offering, spurring subscribers to use their phone more and allowing the operator to drive up their ARPU.

Why Protei?

The digital services era pushes telecom operators to increase their agility, in order to swiftly adapt to customer needs and quickly introduce innovative products and bundles. Protei VAS Aggregation service enables mobile operators to…..


Integrate aggregated VAS to the consumers

Put content marketing on Steroids

Create out-of- the-box new revenue streams

Consolidate content management, billing and marketing capabilities

Have access to 400+ CPs libraries’

We have extensive experience in content acquisition for Telecom VAS services. Our strong relationships with the major studios, as well as other international and local content rights owners, means we can help with all your acquisition requirements across multiple platforms for TV, broadband and mobile, and across multi-territories.

What do we do?

Our service management, marketing and content groups offer the following VAS aggregation services: