Unified Call Сenter PROTEI for “Uzbektelecom”

Unified Call Сenter PROTEI for "Uzbektelecom"

PROTEI and “Uzbektelecom” has presented Unified Call Сenter in Tashkent for 500 agent desktops. Nowadays the system integrates 13 regional call-centers previously installed in 13 major towns of Uzbekistan. The Unified Call Center operates under single hardware and software platform PROTEI and provides full range of telecommunication services to subscribers all over the republic territory. IP based system architecture, high reliability and large experience in call-centers building guarantees the highest level of QoS to each subscriber regardless its location. Scalability of PROTEI Call Center allowed the system to grow from small contact center installed in 2009 to territory-distributed Unified Call Center in 2014. The system provides contemporary communication, information or outsourcing services. Moreover the Unified Call Center has become a high-powered tool for collecting and analyzing statistical data for government agencies. Later on the system can be upgrade and used as a base for emergency call center (112).

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