Roaming Solutions

Boarder Roaming Gateway

  • Preventing unintentional roaming in border areas
  • Default service for all home netwok subscribers

As a general rule, subscribers do not proactively change networks during their stay, but in reality, the existence of blind spots, or temporary problems with coverage or particular cells congestion, which may occur in any operator’s network, when coverage momentarily disappears or communication services become unavailable, causes roamers to look for a new network. As a result, along the borders of the home country, subscribers may occasionally roam on a neighboring country’s mobile network, where roaming rates/international call charges are applicable.

To avoid possible claims, increase level of services, enhance customer care and reduce potential cost and losses for the home network operators and subscribers, the home networks would prefer to retain their customers in such situations.

PROTEI Border Roaming Gateway (BRG) is a platform that provides mobile Operators the ability to prevent their own subscribers from accidentally roaming on a foreign network while still within their home country/zone. Using the system helps to avoid possible claims, increase level of QoS, enhance customer care and reduce potential cost and losses for home network Operators and subscribers.

Key Benefits

  • Guaranteed prevention from accidental roaming
  • Seamless for subscriber and cost-effective for Operator
  • Easy configuration and service management
  • SNMP support for alarm notifiction
  • Reliable and field proven solution

Gateway Location Register (GLR)

  • Roaming connectivity and signaling traffic optimization
  • High efficiency for complex or segmented networks

PROTEI Gateway Location Register gives an Operator unique possibility to optimize its roaming connectivity and signaling traffic. GLR captures all information about inbound roamer’s profile during initial registration and provides this information upon any request from VLR significantly reducing the necessity to interrogate with HPLMN elements. Such approach visibly decrease many risks related to SoR applicability, incompatibility problems, and other similar issues that may finally lead to loosing the roamer.

Main advantages for GLR deployment are reducing the volume of signaling traffic between Operator and SCCP-provider nad reducing efficiency of SoR systems installed by home Operators due to decreasing number of transactions steering can be applied to. Using of PROTEI GLR can also secure roamers retention in Operator’s network.

PROTEI GLR has powerful and convenient statistics and CDR generation modules. WEB-based administration kit provided with the system contains specialized analytic tools for effective analysis of inboundroaming traffic and its structure.

Key Benefits

  • Decreasing the volume of signaling traffic between Operator and SCCP-provider
  • No violation of any GSMA rules or adding extra signaling (compliant);
  • High efficiency for complex or segmented networks.
  • Full compliance with applicable ETSI standards and GSMA regulation
  • High efficiency for complex or segmented networks

Multi IMSI Roaming Gateway

  • Efficient tool for providing roaming brokerage services
  • High investment attractiveness

Multi IMSI roaming system is ideal for optimizing inter-operator cooperation on the level of alliances and also for resolving the challenges faced by MVNOs and small operators. It is intended to expand roaming geography for MVNO, small and/or independent mobile Operators (named Roaming Clients) by using roaming agreements and subscription of well-established mobile Operators (sometime named Donors or Roaming Brokers).

Basing on PROTEI Multi-IMSI Roaming Gateway either traditional dual-IMSI roaming services or innovative dynamic multi-IMSI roaming services may be deployed in optimal way. Multi-IMSI roaming allows providing alternative roaming services for GSM/UMTS network subscribers by using dynamically loaded alternative subscriptions of the visited Operator (guest network). This solution makes it possible to provide a local number and access to all local services for the roamer who will be able to enjoy cheap or free local incoming calls, cheap outbound calls and attractive data prices without losing the accessibility of the roamer at his/her main phone number.
The gateway performs all procedures related to signaling traffic processing and signaling modifications system may be installed either in Roaming broker's network or in client's network.

Key Benefits

  • Wide range of supported roaming services
  • Powerful maintenance and logging system
  • Scalable according to network growth
  • Flexible system configuration
  • Proven reliability
  • Supports all range of services – voice, SMS, GPRS (data)

Roaming Optimisation Suite

  • One solution for two essential tasks
  • Optimal tool for increasing roaming revenues

Roaming Optimization Suite is a powerful system, consist of 2 subsystems: PROTEI Roaming Optimization and Visitor Retention Subsystem. 

PROTEI Roaming Optimization is an efficient solution that helps to save traffic in the network for calls between two subscribers from another country decreasing cost for roamers and increasing Operator’s revenues. To call another person registered in the same network, using “optimal route”, the foreign subscriber should dial the destination number with special prefix. The systems checks location of the called subscriber and if he/she is found in the same network, the system makes call using optimal routing rules without creating a voice loop via roamers home network.

Visitor Retention Subsystem is targeted to increase Operator’s revenues from inbound roaming services and implements actions targeted to visitors’ retention. The system ensures that roamers do not leave the network due to momentary communication problems like lost of coverage etc. It uses standard MAP Update/Cancel Location procedures to interface with the HPLMN and retain the roamer. 

Key Benefits

  • Saving clients loyalty and operators incomes
  • Various routing rules for optimal routing
  • Easy integration with mobile network without interruption of serving
  • Powerful and convenient statistics and CDR generation modules
  • Web-based administration kit 
  • Specialized analytic tools for effective analysis 

SS7 Firewall

  • Multifunctional reliable firewall for SS7 networks
  • Prevention of any network and subscriber attacks

PROTEI SS7 Firewall is intended to help operators in monitoring, controlling and managing SS7 traffic with other national and/or international operators, carriers and other telecom services providers. PROTEI SS7 Firewall is designed to detect and handle unexpected or unconventional SS7 messages through applying appropriate MTP, SCCP, TCAP and MAP policing rules.

Furthermore, and in order to assure full SS7 protection capabilities, PROTEI SS7 Firewall adopts the GSMA definition of SS7 attacks specified in GSMA IR.82 and in updates to specifications from the GSMA Fraud and Security Group (FS.11, FS.07, IR.70, and IR.71).

PROTEI SS7 Firewall supports several network protection approaches: Monitoring and Alerting, Basic Policing Rules, Advanced Policing Rules.

The system is an effective tool for preventing network and subscriber oriented SS7 attacks such as spamming and flooding, fraud generation, tracking, Identity theft, DoS or Illegal interception. PROTEI SS7 Firewall can be easily upgrade to serve SMS-FW functionalities.

Key Benefits

  • Guaranteed prevention of network attacks OKS№7 (spam, flood, fraud)
  • Reliable barrier against subscribers’ SS7 attacks (tracking, identity theft, DoS, interception)
  • Flexible routing and policy management individually for each SS7 connection
  • Wide range of filtering criteria for SS7 messages 
  • Personalized black and white lists
  • Support of GSM MAP phase I, II, III, HSL, SIGTRAN and SNMP 

SMS Welcome and Roaming Tariff Advisor

PROTEI SMS Welcome system is a very efficient tool for mobile Operators to provide range of services both for subscribers when they are in roaming in foreign networks and for foreign subscribers registered in the network of the mobile Operator. 

”Welcome SMS” and “Bon Voyage SMS” services allow subscribers to receive different kind of information: about the network where subscriber got registered now, about the country, prices for the main services, etc. 

The system supports flexible delivery scenario, dynamic content delivery, SMS language management depending on the home country of the visitor, network and subscriber black lists. The system interacts with SMSC via SMPP v.3.4 protocol. PROTEI SMS Welcome increase loyalty of subscribers and roamers. 

Roaming Tariff Advisor can add an extra-value to traditional “Bon Voyage SMS” service. This SMSbased service allows Operators to send roaming tariff information to subscribers according their visited location and prevent the possible risk of losing clients due to “unexpected” roaming costs.

Key Benefits:

  • Fast and easy deployment
  • Convenient Web-interface
  • Group and individual user options
  • Scenario management
  • Multi-language support
  • "Bon Voyage" and «Tariff Advisor» SMS functionality
  • Dynamically formed content

Steering of Roaming Platform

  • Fully compliant with applicable ETSI standards and GSMA regulations
  • Flexible network selection management

Steering of roaming system enables powerful and flexible network selection management to encourage the “right“ roaming network choice for subscribers (Steering of Roaming concept). PROTEI  Steering platform developed in accordance with 3GPP standards and   efficiently covers many business and commercial tasks related to outbound roaming optimization

Registration procedure control for outbound roamers is performed in full accordance with IR-73 that is main GSMA regulation document related to the steering services and allows the most efficient deployment of Steering of Roaming services as well as influencing roaming partners with a view to optimizing roaming agreements and providing required QoS. Steering procedure may be based on several network selection criteria like network priority, roaming KPI, traffic proportions etc.
PROTEI Steering platform is able to solve a variety of additional tasks like profile management for outbound roamers. Diameter front-end enables LTE traffic handling to deliver steering services for LTE network. PROTEI Steering Platform supports Border Roaming Prevention functionality giving mobile operators the ability to prevent their own subscibers from accidentally roaming on a foreign network while still within their home country/zone.

Key Benefits

  • Flexible network selection management in real-time mode
  • Steering procedure may be based on several network selection criteria
  • Effective roaming traffic structure analysis
  • Compatibility with any external SIM-based roaming management systems
  • Subscriber profile modification functionality
  • Efficient roaming traffic analysis tools
  • API for integration with external platforms

Voice Quality Control for Roamers and SIM Box Detection

  • Real-time monitoring of voice channel for roamers
  • Enhanced SIM Box Detection functionality

Voice Quality Control system allows Operators to automatically test speech quality in a simple way for meeting customers’ needs and organizing KPI’s. ITU-T-based speech pattern comparison and quality estimation according with P.862 ITU-T Recommendation is performed in the system.

Additionally to voice quality testing this platform allows to verify transparent CLI transition between Operator’s network and the network of roaming partner. The system also supports SIM Box detection functionality for comparison of CLI information sent by the calling party and the one received by called party. SUP-based and CAMEL-based methods for CLI verification are supported.

Key Benefits

  • Effective QoS monitoring
  • Easy integration with network elements
  • Notification in case of quality decrease
  • CLI verification support
  • Flexible configuration