PROTEI will help to stop COVID-19

PROTEI will help to stop COVID-19

Informing the population about precautions, opening of “hot” lines and using of innovative tools for incoming data analysis are important factors in overcoming the pandemic. PROTEI as a major Russian IT solutions provider realizes the gravity of the situation and is ready to assist executive authorities in measures against the virus spread in Russia. 

PROTEI IT-solutions exploite in more than 40 Russian regions, so the company offers its assistance in the deployment of emergency call-centers by reconfiguring the existing regional platforms. Such contact centers can automatically (IVR) or interactively provide reliable information to citizens, give advisory services on safety measures and relevant medical issues. It also can help in ensuring prompt communication with potential patients and persons contacted with them. If necessary, the call center can operate in the outgoing calls generation mode to inform people about their possible contacts with virus carriers.

PROTEI performs all deployment and maintenance procedures of these solutions on a voluntary and free basis. We believe that every citizen and company can contribute in the country well-being and stop COVID-19. PROTEI contribution is our knowledge, experience and ability to quickly adapt innovative technologies to solve a specific problem. PROTEI team is actively responding to the new challenge and is always ready to work in any conditions. In the 21st century, we must and can apply IT technology wherever possible.

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