NGN/IMS Equipment

Trunk VoIP Gateway

  • Efficient integration between NGN/IMS and TDM networks
  • Maximum compatibility, reliability and performance

PROTEI Trunk Gateway (ITG) enables efficient integration between NGN/IMS and TDM networks. This carrier-grade solution provides a wide range of functions, two hardware modifications and set of supported protocols allowing easy deployment in any network.

PROTEI Trunk Gateway can operate as an independent solution or complement PROTEI Service Platforms powering the deployment of interactive converged services over any bearer. Due to high scalability of PROTEI ITG the operator can create cluster solutions.

Basic call control procedures with DDI and CLIP/ CLIR features are supported for incoming and outgoing calls. Flexible routing subsystem enables to create different routing rules for different types of calls depending on incoming trunk, destination and/or origination number and bearer services being used.

The system hardware has in two versions 7U chassis or 1U compact unit 19”. Hardware redundancy is also supported to ensure uninterrupted service delivery.

Key Benefits

  • Flexible call routing
  • Effective echo cancellation algorithms.
  • Scalability according to any Operator’s needs
  • Convenient OAM tools
  • Compatibility with third-party equipment
  • Powerful CDR generation system
  • Data traffic and calls parameters accounting

Softswitch class 4

  • Advanced solution to provide high quality of VoIP calls and reduce cost
  • Scalable well-proven system

Quality and reliability of the network depends directly on Softswitch choice. PROTEI Transit Softswitch class 4 solution is one of the most efficient options for development of NGN/IMS network. Due to support of a range of signaling protocols the system may be easy integrated to any types of networks and delivers any telecom services globally.

PROTEI imSwitch4 is a key element for building large NGN/IMS networks. It provides call routing through international networks and then transfers the information to class 5 softswitches and IP PBXs serving particular local areas for calls completion. The solution ensures VoIP carriers and international corporations benefit the most from installation of Softswitch class 4 that can deliver carrier grade VoIP services. A combination of Softswitch class 4 and 5 functionalities using the single hardware-software platform can reduce Operator’s time and money expenses.

PROTEI imSwitch4 provides intelligent call routing and allows setting virtually any needed routing parameters. According to Calling Party and Called Party Numbers as well as to many other parameters the system supports routing trees creating functionality. System throughput is up to 500 CAPS per dual-core server.

Key Benefits

  • Flexible increasing of system capacity
  • Intelligent load sharing and traffic distribution capabilities
  • LI functionality (can be adapted according to national requirements)
  • Embedded LCR
  • API for Call Routing
  • Powerful system of data collection and analysis
  • Friendly-user Interface for remote administration, monitoring and management

Softswitch class 5

  • Cost-effective solution for introducing new-generation services
  • Outstanding flexibility and easy deployment to networks of any size

PROTEI ImSwitch5 (Softswitch class 5) is a carrier class field proven platform for business and residential VoIP routing. It is intended for end users requiring local and long-distance VoIP telephony services and primarily deals with subscription telephone services and route calls through local areas.

ImSwitch5 is a perfect solution for any business looking for an efficient telephone service platform that increases revenue and supports an extensive variety of applications. It provides more than 30 services, including Unified Communication (Voice, Video, IM, Presence). The number of services can be easily increased with the use of external intelligent network platforms.
Using PROTEI ImSwitch5 Operators can deliver to users a wide range of services with maximum efficiency and make sure that customers stay loyal. Wide range of supported signaling systems makes it ideal for use on the boundaries of networks with different protocols. Functionality of softswitches class 4 and 5 can be effectively combines in our solution using the single software and hardware platform. Outstanding flexibility makes PROTEI imSwitch5 suitable for applications ranging in scale from offices to national networks. Using PROTEI imSwitch5 allows the Operator to raise income due to new NGN/IMS services implementation.

Key Benefits

  • Powerful routing subsystem with scripting language for routing definition
  • Virtual PBX services including WEB-interface for virtual PBX self-administration
  • Any type of numbering plans
  • Call Authentication, Charging and Routing
  • Basic and Enhanced features support
  • CDR generation and set of statistic counters
  • Wide list of supplementary services
  • Convenient system administration and configuration management tools
  • Wide list of compatible devices

High-capacity Access Gateway

  • Solution for creating NGN/IMS access infrastructure
  • Complete solution for introducing new-generation services to your network

PROTEI mAccess.MAK is cost-effective NGN access solution. By supporting a wide range of network technologies, the system provides seamless transition from circuit-switched networks to NGN/IMS infrastructure.

Using PROTEI access solution ensures subscribers access to all advantages of IP world without reference to existing networks and provides ISDN functions and VAS-services to users with maximum results in minimum time. The system supports embedded simple call routing and internal switching functionality and flexible numbering.

The system has a modular structure and can be equipped with various cards in any combination depending on Customer’s needs. Such the architecture simplifies process of expanding and upgrading the system without interruption of service providing and gives a great opportunity for installing a high-capacity system up to 5472 subscribers’ lines in one 42U rack.

Key Benefits

  • Different subscriber’ categories support
  • SIP Register functionality for interaction with softswitches
  • Highly flexible, scalable platform
  • Compatibility with third-party equipment
  • Low energy consumption
  • Convenient maintenance and administration tools
  • Easy integration with network elements

Small-capacity Access Gateway

  • Ideal solution for building both corporate and domestic subscriber networks
  • Minimize outlay and maximize returns for small settings

PROTEI mAccess.MTU is a subscriber gateway specially designed for providing network services for smaller scopes, such as offices and residential applications. The gateway is scalable from 2 to48 analog ports and connects analog terminals or PBXs to IP network using FXS or PRI Interfaces.

PROTEI mAccess.MTU allows providing subscribers with traditional telephony as well as new generation Triple Play services. Supporting by the system such protocols as SIP, H.248/MEGACO enables flexible deployment and interoperability with the evolving NGN-networks. It can be effectively used with PROTEI softswitches as well as with third-party equipment.

Key Benefits

  • Fast and simple network building
  • Compact 1U 19’’ module
  • Compatibility with third-party equipment
  • Cascade mode support
  • Fast, simple network building
  • Maintenance via SSH, CLI, Web interface, SNMP
  • Supports SIP, H.248/MEGACO, analogue/IP telephones and ADSL2+

Signaling Converters

  • Universal solutions for converting different signaling protocols
  • Simple and cost-effective equipment for network elements integration

The runaway development of the telecommunications industry has led to a wide array of signaling systems, and yet more are sure to come. The PROTEI line of signaling converters ensures seamless integration of modern and next-generation equipment into your network. The well-proven reliability of our solutions makes certain that your installations will deliver the dependability and quality that your subscribers demand.
The following options are supported: SS7-R2, SS7-R1.5 (Russian 2CAS), SS7-PRI, PRI-R2, and PRI-R1.5. On the same platform wide range of small and medium capacity trunk gateways can be implemented: SIP-SS7, SIP-PRI, and SIP-R2. Solution capacity is up to 16E1.

Key Benefits

  • Wide range of supported and converted protocols (S7, EDSS1/QSIG, R2, V5, LI)
  • Easy deployment
  • Compact 1U 19” module
  • Low outlay, high returns
  • Remote administration

Session Border Controller (SBC)

  • All completed solution for maintaining secure SIP trunks and user access
  • Unified platform that combines the SBC and media controller

SBC (Session Border Controller) is one of IP-network key element intended for protecting the internal networks based on NGN/IMS architecture.
PROTEI-SBC is hardware-software complex designed for subscriber access management in VoIP network of fixed or mobile operators. It can guarantee effective protection of IP-network core and provide a wide range of additional features required at the access level, including flexible traffic management, redundancy and QoS. PROTEI-SBC performs the functionality of session border controller in a multi-service network and routes VoIP calls from external IP-networks to the switching core. It is based on current IT-technologies and can work with any IP terminals and devices.

PROTEI-SBC provides in two modifications - I-SBC (works between telecom networks) and A-SBC (functions between the carrier network and the end user).

I-SBC is a session border controller that works between networks. It includes IBCF, TrGW (IBGF), IMS-ALG/IMS-AGW functions in IMS-architecture.

A-SBC is a session border controller that works between the carrier network and end users. It includes P-CSCF, E-CSCF, IMS-ALG/IMS-AGW functions in IMS-architecture.

Key Benefits

  • Effective tool for reducing costs, space and power consumption
  • Support a wide range of third-party IP devices
  • Powerful system of interaction and support SIP normalization functionality
  • Support for routing mechanisms to for seamless interconnection of networks
  • Protection of the external interface from DoS-attacks, fraud and interception via IP
  • QoS management for VoIP
  • Backup mode support
  • Horizontal scaling

IMS Core

  • Effective tool to reduce costs for launching and maintaining perspective IP Services
  • Virtualized solution deployable in Cloud/NFV environment

PROTEI develops IP multimedia subsystem (IMS) products as multi-platform applications which form the mobile services core network. PROTEI IMS solutions can be easy deployed on various hardware devices/servers and cover full range of voice services for subscribers, for example RCS. PROTEI IMS product range includes Proxy-Call Session Control Function(P-CSCF), Serving/Interrogating Call Session Control Function (S/I-CSCF), HSS, AS, MGW.

PROTEI IMS solutions focus on voice and video calls with high audio quality, low delays and high reliability. The high-speed data transmission can be also used while talking. In some cases, IMS Core deploying assumes much investment in the first phase. However, NFV technology using in PROTEI IMS Core allows to use existing resources for launching small vIMS systems with minimum expenses and forces from the Operator. The solution developed in fully compliance with3GPP International Specifications TS 23.228, TS 23.218, TS 23.229, TS 24.229, TS 29.228, TS29.229, TS 29.949.

All PROTEI IMS Core element supports full set of 3GPP interfaces, that allows to integrate PROTEI solution into any network environment.

Key Benefits

  • Compliance with 3GPP standards
  • Simultaneous voice and data, effective migration to all-IP
  • Multi-scenario deployment
  • Distributed architecture
  • Flexible licensing scenarios
  • Easy integration with external HSS and GGSN/PGW
  • Advanced administration and maintenance interface