VAS Consolidation Platform

The PROTEI VAS Consolidation Platform (VCP) brings together all fundamental messaging and voice services within the mobile Value-Added Services (VAS) domain onto a unified and comprehensive platform, adhering to the highest telecommunications standards.

Improved operating performance

  • Cloud Enabled: Cloud deployment on Virtual Environment.
  • Unified: Reducing network architecture complexity, simple and single integration for all applications.
  • License Pool: Single license pool consumed by all applications, resulting in fewer capacity license requirements.

Key Benefits

  • Faster Time to Market.
  • On Demand Scalability / De-scalability.
  • Improved OPEX and CAPEX.
  • Simplified Integration and Optimized Daily Operations.

Call Back

  •  New possibilities for increasing revenue
  • Convenient way for order calls via SMS or USSD

PROTEI Call Back Server provides convenient and efficient way to access the telecommunications services for non-CAMEL roaming subscribers. Calls can be ordered by sending SMS or USSD messages. The number of redial attempts can easily be set by the operator. System supports flexible routing functions, powerful policy management (including subscriber location analysis) and open interface (CAMEL, DIAMETER or XML) for integration with the third-party Prepaid platforms.

Seamless callback option enables to increase service usage convenience for the Customers. Using standard CAMEL capabilities system helps subscriber to avoid the necessity to use complicated USSD sequences to invoke the service. With seamless option the user can dial the called number as usually; system will automatically convert such call into callback. PROTEI Call Back can make repeated attempts to call the requested number if there is no answer.

Key Benefits

  •  SMPP for requests from SMS/USSD gateway
  • Internet call requests by email or WEB-interface
  • SMS-alert to calling party if call cannot be made
  • Trouble-free integration with Operator's infrastructure
  • Flexible WEB-administration tool
  • Statistics and CDR logging

Call Completion Suite

  •  Complex solution for successful call completion
  •  Wide range of services and numerous of combinations

People need to stay in touch even when they’re not available. Whether its consumer or business use, voicemail has become an expected service by wireless subscribers so they can receive and retrieve their messages at any time and from anywhere. 

PROTEI Call Completion Suite is intended to maximize number of successfully completed calls in Operator’s network by capturing of all unsuccessful calls that usually cannot be successfully completed due to different reasons. Solution includes several services allowing Operator to suite needs of different segments of Operator’s subscriber base. 

PROTEI Call Completion system is a cost-effective, high performance and scalable solution, with a wide range of features to suit both new and existing mobile operators that could be introduced both as an addition to existing voicemail system or as standalone service packet. Solutions integrated with voicemail system are also available. The following services can be implemented basing on this platform: Missed Call Notification,  Notify Me, Call Completio, Video Call Completion,  Video/Voice SMS, Comfortable Jump, Call Collect, Voice Video Mail/

Key Benefits

  •  Cost-effective, high performance and scalable solution
  • Flexible subscribers’ profile management
  • Useful WEB-administration tool
  • Adantation to specific needs
  • Easy integration with Operator's infrastructure
  • Wide range of additional features
  • Efficient working with CDR and statistics

Call Collect

  • Call independently from balance level
  • Highly effective way to increase traffic and subscribers loyalty

It is a typical situation when subscriber trying to make urgent and important call but network rejects this call due to insufficient balance on subscriber’s mobile account. Such calls form more or less visible part in statistic of any mobile network. On the other hand it is highly probable that person to whom the caller is trying to call will recall him if the caller will have possibility to inform the caller somehow about this situation. Mobile Operator that will give to its subscribers such possibility will get more revenues instead of money loss. 

With PROTEI Call Collect system Operator can easily provide this opportunity to all its subscribers. The solution oriented to Operator’s private customers gives them unique possibility to be reachable when their balance is not enough to make outbound calls. 

PROTEI Call Collect solution allows subscribers to request any subscriber in any mobile network to recall him or to recharge his account or to make a calls to
destination subscriber when all call expenses are to be paid by called party.

Key Benefits

  • Additional features support (counters/limitations,  prepaid/postpaid distinguishing, white”/”black” lists)
  • Forced location determination support
  • Easy deployment 
  • Flexible configuration
  • Adaptation and settings due to actual needs

CAMEL Gateway/Proxy

  • Efficient tool for supporting operator-specific services in GSM/3G/IMS networks
  • Embedded CAMEL-proxy functionality

PROTEI CAMEL gateway allows to manage telecommunications services in GSM/3G/IMS networks by service logic application defining call, SMS and data session scenarios using API. CAMEL-gateway allows efficient deployment of wide range of IN services in any CAMEL-enabled network, both for prepaid and postpaid subscribers. Together with service logic applications may be created/delivered by PROTEI, service provider or operator’s experts CAMEL-gateway operates as fully functional SCP delivering flexibility and convenience in new services creation and deployment. 

The system allows real-time controlling voice call, SMS- and GPRS-sessions in GSM networks, using service logic applications. Convenient Service Creation Environment being an additional component of CAMEL-gateway allows easy service creation and service tuning for wide range of VAS. Embedded CAMEL-proxy functionality allows PROTEI CAMEL Gateway to be easily integrated into existing IN networks, allowing new services to be deployed with no disruption to the delivery of previously available services.

Such services as black and white lists, inbound consumption counting, number translation, mobile VPN, and others can be efficiently deployed basing on PROTEI CAMEL-gateway/proxy.

Key Benefits

  • Fast and simple IN services deployment
  • Convenient service creation environment
  •  Horizontal scalability and easy integration with existing SCP
  • Wide range of IN services support
  • Network architecture with load balancing 
  • SIGTRAN support
  • Suitable for any size of mobile network

Location Based Services Platform

  • Effective usage of Cell ID technology
  • Guaranteed compatibility with wide range of BS and terminal equipment 

PROTEI Location Based Service platform gives an Operator possibility to provide a wide range of Value-Added services, using information about the current geographic location of the mobile terminal. 

Using PROTEI LBS the Operator can easily introduce very popular services like parental control, transport monitoring, navigation (calculating optimal route to destination), searching for nearest café (cinema, restaurant, police etc.). In comparison to other solutions, services based on PROTEI LBS can be provided to any subscriber regardless of mobile terminal model. The system supports two location methods: Cell ID and Cell ID+ and reaches accuracy up to 100 meters.

The system enables flexible access policy management, on-line charging of location requests initiated by service providers, CDR generation and integration with both operator’s radio-planning systems and external geo-information systems (GIS).

Key Benefits

  • Wide range of unique and useful LB-services
  • Convenient interface for content providers
  • Accuracy up to 100 m
  • Powerful maintenance and reports system
  • Convenient interface for content providers
  • Simple implementation
  • Fully functional SMPP
  • Standard interface 

Local Number for Visitors

  • Reach statistical information and detailed CDRs for all processed calls
  • Intellectual calls routing for inbound roamers

This solution gives Operator the unique innovative functionality to provide local number for longterm business roamers. The number can be used for accepting incoming calls along with the ability to save activity of the main number. There is no necessity to purchase separate local account.

Roamers save the costs of expensive incoming calls and get more closely to their business partners because of the “presence effect” (no need to dial international number from the country where the subscriber currently resides). 

Operator can deploy LNV solution to increase its revenue by deploying new attractive services for inbound roamers and saving traffic in the network.
PROTEI LNV service developed in full accordance with internatinal standards and fully fits to Operators requrments due to wide functionality and easy integration with 3G/4G networks.

Key Benefits

  • Powerful maintenance and reports system
  • SS7/ISUP, SS7/MAP, SMPP support for intagration with the network 
  • Horizontally scalable
  • Routing management
  • System voice prompt management
  • Powerful logging system (CDR generation);
  • Dynamic system configuration

Mobile Number Portability

  • Cost-effective MNP service 
  • Full compliance with internatioanal standards 

Mobile Number Portability (MNP) is the ability for a mobile subscriber to change the GSM subscription network within the same country whilst retaining her original MSISDN or MSISDNs. It is one of the key aspects of deregulation in telecommunications and a technical challenge in almost all countries. 

PROTEI-MNP Solution implements Mobile Number Portability functionality according to the requirements of the appropriate ETSI standards. Either embedded NPDB or external database can be used for service provisioning. System complies with EN 301715, 301716 (GSM 03.66), so PROTEI MNP operates as MNP SRF functional element.

Key benefits

  • Full functional MNP solution 
  • Easy multi-scenario deployment
  • Advanced administration and maintenance interfaces
  • Adaptation to local features and requirements 
  • Embedded database or external

Content Delivery Platform

  • Universal solution for content- and service-providers
  • Easy deployment of any content and entertainment services

Mobile Portal is a universal flexible solution for content- and service- providers intended to offer wide range of content and entertainment services. By using this solution Operator or content-provider can easily deploy services like sending SMS- and WAP-content ‘on demand’ (pictures, texts, logos, music, including random services) or by subscription (information, weather forecast etc).

Voting and quiz services could also be easily deployed. These services enable efficient on-line interaction with wide subscribers’ base for quizzes, polls, marketing researches etc. People can participate in the voting using SMS, USSD or voice voting/quiz channels. System supports convenient WEB-interface for system administration and watch for voting course; fully configurable visual appearance of the voting results chart; manual or scheduled voting start and stop. Integration with PROTEI IVR is supported for voice voting, content listening and ordering etc.

With PROTEI Mobile Portal, service providers can deploy new services quickly and efficiently, for example, voice information and entertainment services, polls and SMS voting, quizzes with voice and SMS access, on-demand WAP and SMS content delivery, SMS content delivery by subscription, mobile advertising.

Key Benefits

  • Cost-effective solution
  • Fast and easy integration with Operator's network
  • Fully configurable solution
  • Friendly-user WEB-interface
  • Different algorithms of service delivery
  • High capacity

Ring Back Tone & Video Ring Back Tone

  • High revenue potential content service
  • Convenient multi-channel service ordering tools

RBT is one of the most popular VAS services during last 5 years. Its penetration is still visibly growing and generating stable income for Operators. PROTEI-RBT system is a fast way to offer Ring Back Tone service to subscribers. Due to platform’s flexibility and scalability the system can be easily adjusted according to current or new Operator`s requirements. 

In additional of traditional features (tones depending from Caller ID and time schedule, Music Box, service management elements like IVR, USSD,WEB) there are a lot of advanced options, for example: “Tone like my friend has”, “Present tone to friends”, Corporate RBT, different tone prices per purchase channel Hang-up SMS and Anti RBT. 

The solution allows quickly extend Operator`s service promotional tools, forming new marketing proposals like: “the second melody as a gift”, “get bonus points for inviting a friend”, “free trial period”, “forth melody as a gift”, “first month of subscription is free”. 

Video RBT option is supported as an important functional enhancement of the traditional RBT platform, intended for 3G users for whom videocalls are available. This service can be accessed from IMS and NGN networks also. PROTEI-RBT is a cost-effective, high performance and scalable solution with a wide range of features to suit both new and existing mobile Operators and content providers.

Key Benefits

  • Different tones can be set to particular callers, caller groups and unspecified numbers
  • Service configuration depending on date, weekday and/or time
  • Tone management via SMS/USSD, IVR or convenient Web-interface
  • Dynamically updated lists of melodies
  • Recording personal phrases is available
  • Advanced options are available
  • Different service promotional tools

Sponsored Call

  • Free or discounted calls for subscribers
  • Attractive way for advert distribution

PROTEI “Sponsored Call Server” system allows end-users, subscribed to specific thematic information channels, to make free or discounted calls while receiving attractive advertisements. When subscriber makes a call, prior to establishing a connection, he/she receives a multimedia promotional audio or video from an advertiser. After that he/she receives different bonuses:

  • certain number of call minutes paid by the advertiser during a call;
  • discount for minutes price;
  • certain number of call minutes paid by the advertiser during a day, week, month etc. 

Advertisement is played only within thematic channels and only to subscribers who have subscribed to it. Subscription can be made by sending SMS/USSD-message to one of the numbers corresponding to the thematic channels or through the IVR using the DTMF-menu. Self-subscription via WEB-interface is also available. Subscriber may be subscribed to several thematic channels simultaneously. Providers of advertising information have convenient Web-interface for managing thematic channels: uploading and deleting their own commercials, viewing statistics. 

Key Benefits

  • Subscribers loyalty increase and additional income for Operator
  • Different ways for service order
  • Easy integration and maintenance
  • Extremely flexible settings
  • Unlimited number of advertisers
  • Limits on the total number of commercials or bonuses
  • Daily/monthly individual settings

Virtual Office/MVPN

  • Complete package for providing PBX-like and FMC services
  • Simple integration with any PROTEI Service Platform

PROTEI Virtual Office Server provides universal solution for PBX-like and FMC services for small/medium corporate customers (Virtual Number, Virtual Call Center, and Virtual Private Network). It also provides intelligent termination hunting functionality for mobile subscribers. 

The service is triggered when the subscriber from any network calls to the service or the customer’s number. Mobile agents provisioned for a specific customer are all monitored and the incoming call is routed to the most suitable agent based on the predefined hunting rules (depending on CgPN, calling and called party location, time schedule etc). Self-service WEB based administration toolkit is available for Virtual number customers. The system supports a number of additional options (IVR, Fax-to-Email etc.) that increase attractiveness of service.

PROTEI Virtual Office Server allows mobile operator to increase revenue providing demanded services for small and medium companies.

Key Benefits

  • Comprehensive online interface
  • Powerful administration systems
  • Integration with Location Based Services Enabler
  • Massive revenue-generating potential
  • Horizontally scalable
  • Flexible scalability
  • SNMP alarm indication
  • Embedded CDR
  • IMS Compatible

Voice-Video Mail System

  • High-performance dependable dolution
  • Real ‘Virtual Office’ for every subscriber

VOICE/VIDEO MAIL subsystem is a updated solution, which helps to generate additional traffic increasing Operator’s revenues. It allows subscribers to receive messages in a mailbox and retrieve them at any time and from anywhere: from home network and roaming networks, from own mobile phone and other phone numbers (e.g. fixed phone). 

In additional to traditional voicemail functionality PROTEI system supports a number of innovative opportunities which qualitatively raise convenience of service usage for the subscriber and promote generation of additional revenues for the Operator.

Videomail subsystem deployment will dramatically increase traditional voice-mail functionality for 3Gusers and provide videocalls capturing when called 3G subscriber is unavailable or out of 3G coverage previewing and retrieving of stored video messages by recipients when returning to3G networks, getting a video message as MMS or e-mail, recording and uploading subscribers personal video.

The solution supports SS7, PRI and SIP, that allows efficiently deploy the platform across the IMS/NGN networks.

Key Benefits

  • Traditional functionality with reach additional services
  • Personalization possibilities: different menu structure for different subscriber groups
  • Dynamic mailbox creation
  • Wide range of configurable notifications
  • One-click call back to message sender;
  • Flexible profile management 
  • Horizontally scalable system

Missed Call Notification

  • Turn missed calls into profits
  • Keep subscribers in contact all the time, wherever they are

PROTEI Missed Call Notification System (“Who Called”) is intended to maximize number of successfully completed calls in Operator's network. The system uses SMS to provide mobile subscribers with information about calls they missed when they were out of network coverage, their mobile terminals were switched off or they were otherwise unavailable.

It sends short messages (SMS) with a list of called party numbers. Besides it can notify the calling party when the called party becomes available for incoming calls again ("Notify Me" subservice).

Deployment of the solution increases successful call share that directly increases operator’s revenues. PROTEI Missed Call Notification System is cost-effective, high performance and scalable solution with a wide range of features to suit both new and existing mobile operators and can be deployed as an addition to existing VoiceMail system or standalone service package. Solutions integrated with voice mail system are also available.

Key Benefits

  • An independent system or part Call Completion Suite
  • Flexible subscribers’ profile management
  • Useful WEB-administration tool
  • Easy integration with Operator's infrastructure
  • Wide range of additional features suit both new and existing mobile operators
  • Efficient working with CDR and statistics


  • Unique solution for location-based SMS notification
  • Powerful tool for collecting information about GSM/UMTS subscribers’ location and registrations 

PROTEI xVLR is a carrier class contemporary system intended for processing, storing, updating and transmitting to external applications information about location and movement of the subscriber. This made PROTEI xVLR a powerful solution for territory-dependent SMS notification.

Integration with geographic information system (GIS) allows selecting the broadcasting area on a digital map with automatic conversion of the selected area into a list of Cell IDs or Location Area by means of the broadcast management subsystem.
New services can be offered by mobile operator to their corporate or advertising clients: any company can make a mass advertising distribution in the area where the company is located. Additional criteria can also be chosen based on information available from Operators CRM system, e.g.: ARPU, appearance in the specified area and others.

In order to prevent sending messages to subscribers that opted out of the distribution, the system provide keeping black lists of subscribers. 

Integration with GIS and powerful statistics system makes PROTEI xVLR career class multicriteria tool for targeting mass distribution.

Key Benefits

  • Huge possibilities for particular subscribers tracking and targeted areas control
  • Possibility to inform all subscribers registered in particular area (LAC/Cells)
  • Easy way to collect information about most of handovers 
  • Forced paging to verify subscriber location before bulk messaging
  • Collecting unique information about subscribers’ behavior and network utilization
  • API support for interaction with external applications
  • Black and white lists support