Customer Care Solutions

Call Center

  • Well-proven IP based solution
  • Suitable for emergency services needs

Protei Call Center is a new generation cost-effective solution for any companies that provide information, help desk, booking and other similar kind of services.

New generation technologies: VoIP and WEB are widely used in PROTEI call center. Subscriber can access PROTEI call center services by standard way from PSTN/PLMN, from Internet via WEB/e-mail call-back order, by e-mail or by making VoIP call and that gives an opportunity creating geographically distributed call centers.

The system supports unlimited number of the agents’ groups and service access numbers with a possibility to organize any number of services in one system. Several types of call routing algorithms (on the base of dialled number, CgPN, time/day, state of the service queue) and flexible call distribution (including skill level differentiation) are implemented. This allows tuning up the Call Center according to the needs of the particular customer.

The System has embedded call recording and call monitoring systems. Call center Supervisors and System Administrator has efficient tools for service quality monitoring.

Different types of services can be effectively organized using PROTEI Call Center: information services, telephone ordering systems, emergency services, telemarketing, outsourcing etc.

Key Benefits:

  • High performance
  • VoIP-technologies
  • Easily scalable
  • Proven reliability
  • Embedded Call Back function
  • Remote operator support
  • Reduces call queuing time
  • Meets emergency services standards


  • Ideal solution for providing a wide range of premium-rate IVR-services
  • Using an external database, PROTEI IVR can provide dynamic information services

PROTEI IVR is a carrier-class automatic voice service system geared towards various customer care, information and entertainment services. PROTEI IVR can interact with TDM equipment via SS7, EDSS-1 as well as with NGN platforms via SIP. Modular SIP-enabled architecture allows easy system integration into perspective IMS environment.

This system enables interactive self-service capability and outbound subscriber notifications.

The system covers standard IVR functions and operations like including balance inquiry, payment registration, services activation/deactivation, tariff change, low balance notification etc and wide range of information services also. By using DTMF, subscriber can navigate to a particular menu item, e.g., number activation/deactivation or balance enquiry. If it is necessary IVR can interact at any point of dialogue menu with external information systems (e.g. mobile Operator’s billing system) to retrieve the requested information or to change necessary settings in the subscriber’s profile.

All menu schemes can be easily defined by the System Administrator by using voice menu constructor (service creation environment). Outbound notification (mass calling) can be initiated by the request from the billing system or by the System Administrator.

Integration with 3rd party ASR and TTS engines allows to manage voice services flexibly.

Key Benefits

  • Enhance customer service while cutting costs
  •  Reduce call queuing time, free up resources
  • External database connection for dynamic info services
  • Integrates with all PROTEI Service Platform solutions
  • Easily create voice menus through online interface
  • Vast range of potential revenue-generating applications
  • IMS compatible
  • TDM and IP networks
  • Simple administration
  • Highly flexible

Voucher Management System

  •  IMS compatibility allows you to use PROTEI Voucher Management System in Next Generation Networks.
  •  Easily build widely geographically distributed dealer networks with PROTEI VMS.

A fully functional voucher management system allows efficient administration, activation management and control of voucher usage. Also it can be used as the embedded PIN-generator or the external PIN-generation system during the voucher generation.

The system allows controlling and managing parameters like voucher expiry date (life duration), date of voucher transfer to dealer, date of voucher activation that allows efficiently controlling all voucher lifecycle and card resellers’ activities.

The system has convenient and powerful WEB-based administration tools with different access levels that allow easy system integration into existing Operator’s business-processes. Voucher activation via IVR, USSD and SMS or from all center agent workplace is available.

Key Benefits

  •  Activate funds by SMS/USSD, online or via Call Center
  • Full control over all transactions
  •  Powerful account administration controls
  •  Ability to build a geographically distributed system
  • IVR access
  • Embedded CDR
  •  Convenient Web interface
  • Revenue assurance