PROTEI built MVNO core for MTT

PROTEI Built MVNO Core for MTT

PROTEI solutions for building Full MVNO are in demand in the telecommunications market. PROTEI solutions for MVNO core had been successfully launched as a part of MVNO kernel transformation project implemented by MTT. Within this turn-key project PROTEI has delivered, installed and performed all necessary integrations of two key core network elements – the home location register (HLR + AUC), and Gateway Mobile Switching Center (GMSC), including media gateways MGW. MVNO / MVNE project being implemented by MTT is intended to build an infrastructure of federal virtual operator for the implementation of several commercial projects, targeted at different categories of users. The project is implemented under AIVA MOBILE brand (, and now includes great offers for calls between the Russian Federation and Tajikistan, the Russian Federation and Finland, including, for example, some proposals that are unique for Russian operators like free incoming calls to the Russian and Finnish number for Russian roamers registered in Finland. Implementation of technically challenging project taking into account relatively small subscriber base demanded solutions with the full functionality, but commercially viable. MTT chosen PROTEI products for that. PROTEI Home Location Register is a cost-effective, high performance and scalable solution to suit both – new and existing mobile operators or mobile virtual network operators (MVNO). PROTEI HLR has scalable architecture and flexible throughput licensing enables an operator to select a solution that not only mirrors the revenue stream of today, but can be used to meet operator tomorrow’s needs. System has all the necessary functionality in accordance with the 3GPP requirements, allows the network to start promptly. Flexible licensing scheme enables operators to deploy a solution efficiently with the various profiles of the subscriber base (for example, having a lot of subscribers with low activity). The gateway switch network cellular mobile PROTEI-GMSC designed for use in GSM / UMTS networks and provides voice processing and signaling traffic operator’s subscribers. PROTEY- GMSC based on softswitch-based fourth class against imSwitch4, allowing for flexible routing of signaling and voice traffic, performance, compliance with SORM and compatibility with equipment from different vendors. Implementation PROTEI-GMSC enables rapid and commercially effective network deployment of virtual or traditional mobile operator (MVNO or MNO) with providing a wide range of additional features that are required in the transit level, including a flexible balancing traffic redundancy, QoS, ensuring routing and support MNP. PROTEI and MTT had some co-operation before (MTT maintains SRF and SMSC from PROTEI) but implementation of HLR and GMSC brought cooperation between the companies to a qualitatively new level.